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Organizational change & development

Change Consulting

You can’t create what you cannot see. We are pulled in a million directions and while we may be working harder, we’re not sure we’re making progress. Through Adaptive Planning, you’ll get clear on your organization’s vision and goals and learn the tools for evolving into the future you really want.


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“Jen is one of the most talented change consultants I’ve worked with. She helps teams and organizations not just adapt to new realities, but also grow and operate at higher levels than before.”

– Bo Lee, Vice President, BNY Mellon

Training, facilitation & leadership programs

Team Development

We don’t reach big visions on our own. By leveraging the diverse strengths on your team, you can achieve results that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Through team facilitation and trainings, you’ll discover how to cut through the chaos and intentionally create a new future together.


The Change Lenses™ workshop will build your team’s awareness about the human experience in change and uncertainty and the tools to be less reactive and more creative moving forward.


The Insights Discovery® workshop will increase your team’s understanding of different communication styles so that you maximize everyone’s unique talents as you work towards your vision and goals.


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“Jen Martin helped our group of hard-charging consultants slow down and engage in a day of much needed team building, which ultimately enabled us to deliver better results for our client. Jen is an expert facilitator, and we all learned a lot about working more effectively as a team. Highly recommend!”

– Betsy Jones, Managing Principal, Health Management Associates

Change leaders & founders

Leadership Coaching

Change begins with you. If you are leading change it requires that you are both grounded in who you are and open to seeing yourself and the world in new ways. Through coaching and various leadership development tools, you will find your own unique approach and path forward to make a powerful difference.


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Jennifer is a remarkable coach. She respected me with the truth and she challenged me with the truth. This built trust and the kind of safety needed to take risks. After our sessions, I feel empowered to tackle any new situation at work.”

– Rex Brown, Administrative Director, Governor’s Business Diversity Subcabinet (Washington State)

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